A perfect afternoon

~Las Vegas | Henderson Photographer~

I’m tickled when I get to work on a special project. We planned this for a couple months knowing mom wanted to capture a special day with her girls doing something naturally so they would have some special memories to keep forever. Turns out it quickly because one of my most favorite days ever!

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When the beaters come on they go running for cover….

But beaters aren’t all bad…
And what’s better than an afternoon baking? An afternoon eating cupcakes as fancy ladies!

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13 days new

~Las Vegas | Henderson Photographer~


I had the honor of photographing this sweet little family with a brand new blessing… what a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent just watching them in their element. I LOVE causal  in home shoots and these guys made it amazing.  I would like them to continue having babies as much as possible so I can come back and recreate what a great day it was! Let me know your thoughts on that mom and dad ;)

Proud big brother. I could eat you up!


These two are lucky little boys to be in a home with so much love and care. Mom and dad are amazing!
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Thinker…DSC_1157 DSC_1222 DSC_1240 DSC_1259DSC_1352DSC_1367

Hello little smirk!DSC_1384

My assistant (nice camera buddy!)… he will make one heck of a baby photographer. He even gave some directions. I listened as he said, “Move his head a little up. Yeah.. good job”. Ah! Love him!!
Congratulations and soak up all the happy moments these first few weeks bring!


Oh the places you’ll go…

~Las Vegas | Henderson Photographer~

In the words of the wonderful Dr Seuss…

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.

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~Las Vegas | Henderson Photographer~

Do you remember Sierra? One of my most favorite people from last year? I met her through an awesome lady (Hi Sharlene!)  who was her teacher! Sierra was battling cancer and I was fortunate enough to come in and get to meet her and her family for some important moments during all this. Later that year we had a fun filled session at Lake Las Vegas and I was over the moon happy when she called me this year… I got to hang out with all of them again, now… at a much happier point in time! She is SO beautiful, inside and out. I just love her eyes. Sparkly, happy, gorgeous eyes! They haven’t changed one bit.

You guys are the best, Stay awesome!!


I have all the gushy warm feelings right now! I’m very happy for all of ya, Group hug!!


Could you just take them home with you? LOVE you guys!!


Baby on the way…

~Las Vegas | Henderson Photographer~


How gorgeous is this mama to be!?!  Just love her quiet grace, thank you both for sharing such a lovely evening with me and I can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl who is one luck little lady already!

DSC_7733 DSC_7800 DSC_7819 DSC_7937 Untitled-1



Sunday Morning

~Las Vegas | Henderson Photographer~


Mornings are probably our best bet for the coolest weather of the day here. Although we started off a Sunday morning 7am at 90+ degrees we still rocked it out!

So glad I got to meet a couple more members of this awesome family! I just love it when parents are all for having fun and making great memories.

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Thank you guys and more to come!!